Horseback riding can be an incredibly joyful experience. Riding a horse gives a person a sense of mystical pleasure. However, the activity is not a walk in the park as it may sound. It requires a lot of training and experience to competently ride a horse. A rider must have proper knowledge on how to mount, steer, and signal the horse so that it moves properly. Furthermore, for an amazing horse riding experience, one must train their horse properly and do the essential groundwork before riding. Groundwork serves to calm the horse and enable the rider to control it easily.


The following are essential tips on how to do horse riding:

#Mount the horse

Before beginning to ride a horse, its essential that one does some sort of groundwork. Secondly, it is important to mount the horse correctly. Although beginners may experience a hard time with mounting , staying calm while doing it proves to be easy and fun. A person can either mount straight from the ground or use a mounting block. Mounting becomes easier with the use of a block as it is a bit of a stretch to get a foot into the stirrup and the pull oneself up from there. Besides, a mounting block prevents putting too much pressure on a horse’s back. There should be another person to hold the horse’s head during mounting.

Mounting should be done from the horse’s left side. Place the left foot in the left stirrup and pull the body upward. Swing the other leg around the horse’s body sort of hugging the horse with the leg, and insert the right foot into the right stirrup. For beginners, its advisable to use an older and well-trained horse which may not shift and move during mounting. Mounting a horse that shifts and moves becomes difficult even for advanced riders. So its important to choose a calm and cooperative during riding. (more…)