How to prevent horse riding injuries

From a tight grip causing hand or wrist injuries, to saddle sore from sitting on horseback for too long when training (or learning how to ride), there are ways one can prevent injuries. Whether you are a beginner or advanced rider, these are a few tips to prevent horse riding injuries.

1. Gearing up (light reins) –

Your hands will grow numb and sore as you take grip of your reins over extended periods of time, and lengthier rides. A simple solution… avoid thick reins made of rope. Leather material, and a thinner rein grip will help prevent injuries during longer runs, as they are less taxing and easier to grip lightly during your ride. Additionally wearing gloves can help prevent blisters and limit soreness in the wrist and hands.

Checkrein for horse riding

2. A seat saver is critical for your back/bottom –

A hard saddle is simply going to make those hard blows (jumps or fast trotting) harder to endure. A seat saver will absorb the hard hits each time your bottom comes off the saddle and drops back on it. This will also help prevent back injuries and soreness. Since your back and bottom aren’t taking the brunt of the force, you won’t feel the pain later on. Also a good horseback riding gear is important.

3. Stirrup length check –

If stirrups are too long or short, you can fall off, you can jolt your horse, and this can often lead to injuries as you progress as a horse rider. A good rule of thumb is if your knees feel strained, the stirrups might require some adjustment. Length is a personal preference, but look for a length which allows your leg to comfortably exert sufficient force into the stirrup, so that it is easy for you to stand/sit off your saddle. This means all your body weight isn’t on the saddle, and you maintain more balance/control. This eliminates the possibility of falling, too much movement, and possibly scaring your horse, which might lead to the horse thrusting you off.


Although some injuries are inevitable, as a rider, you can make adjustments along the way to prevent some. These are a few simple tips anyone can incorporate when horse riding, to help with injury prevention.

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