Horseback Riding Benefits


Horseback riding is fun and also for great for your health. Both your mental and physical health can improve tremendously when you take up horse riding. Perhaps it is time to jump in the saddle more regularly. Your body will be healthier and happier when you go for a ride. Here are 6 key benefits from horseback riding:

1. Improved posture

As you sit in specific poses to keep your body balanced, you are likely to improve the posture out of saddle with more regular rides.

2. Stable Strength

Riding is just one of the ways this activity gives your body a workout. Other notable ways include clearing out the park, working in barn as well as taking care of your horse. All these activities increase cardiovascular capacity and strengthen muscles.

3. Mental exercise

There are several benefits associated with horseback riding. It allows you to know more about yourself as you experience time on your horse. It also brings about meditative effects due to the fact that you only focus on riding and staying on your horse. In as much as horse riding offers a perfect opportunity for exercise, the real benefit lies in the relation you develop with the animal and the peace of mind brought about with each ride.

4. Balance and co-ordination

Since the horse moves and turns very fast, the rider will also have to be able to support herself. As a beginner, you may hold onto the saddle front, but as you become experienced rider, you will soon learn how to keep your body upright without having to hold on something.

5. Flexibility

A horse rider must be flexible. We may conveniently keep stretching while exercising; however this activity is an indispensable part of horseback riding. The moment you are atop the horse, you can only count on your flexibility to help you maintain the right position. Apart from flexibility, your calves also get proper workout as you keep riding the horse with the back straight, feet and knees in line and heels down.

6. Core Strength

Horseback riding is a form of isometric exercise. This is because specific muscles are used to allow the body to stay in a specific position, such as maintain balance on the horse. This is why postural health is such an n important factor when riding and the rider’s posture improves each day.


Humans started riding horses even before the advent of vehicles. Horses were used to move around. People were taught how to ride and take care of the animal. Today, horse riding has been reduced to recreational and fun activity. Horseback riding has many obvious benefits, including sturdy cores and legs. There are also several less obvious benefits that include meditation and boosting confidence. Horses have also been used in therapy for children with mental disability, which also proves just how horseback

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